Jake & Wendy Jacobs

Some of the most beautiful places are lesser known and undisturbed. There’s a special sense of wonder that goes along with discovering a place like this. You feel somehow it belongs to you, that you’ve come home. You take that place with you, even when you leave. The Historic Thomas Amis Hosue is just such a place. Currently the 5th great-grand-daughter of Captain Amis, Wendy Jacobs and husband Jake invite you to share this ancient house on the National Historic Register. Walk the Old Stage Road, view Amis Mill ruins on Big Creek, tour the grounds and experience the history and you just might not want to leave.

Thomas Amis House
677 Burem Rd.
Rogersville, TN 37857
719-322-2755 or 970-209-0067

Written on July 26th, 2012 , About Thomas Amis House

Thomas Amis House
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Thomas Amis House